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Trembesi, Monkey Pod, Samanea Saman

Trembesi (Samanea saman (Jacq.) Merr.) 

a. Scientific classification 
Kingdom: Plantae 
Division: Magnoliophyta 
Class: Magnoliopsida 
Order: Fabales Family: Fabaceae 
Genus: Samanea 
Species: Samanea saman (Jacq.) Merr. 

Pohon Trembesi

b. Region Name Samanea saman is often referred to by the community as a tree ki trembesi or rain.

c. Distribution and Growing Places Samanea saman is often referred to trembesi (Rain tree) is a plant protector which has many benefits. Trembesi can last 2-4 months or longer in areas that have a rainfall of 40 mm / year (dry season) or even to live longer depending on the age, tree size, temperature and soil. Trembesi also can live in an area with 20-300oC temperature, maximum temperature of 25-380oC, minimum 18-200oC, the minimum temperature that can be tolerated 80oC.

d. Habitus Rain tree, or trembesi (Samanea saman (Jacq.} Merr.) Is a plant large trees, tall, with a very wide canopy. The plant was once popular as a shade plant. Roots are very widespread making it less popular because it can damage the road and surrounding buildings. The name comes from water that often drips from the canopy due to its ability to absorb strong ground water and dirt from the katydid that live in trees. In some places even disturbing because editorial inhibit other plants to grow. The high reached 25meter, a flared like an umbrella (canopy), trees that fall into sub-families Mimosaceae and Fabaceae family of plants is commonly planted as shade carrier. Uniquely, saman tree leaves may shrivel at certain moments, which is 1.5 hours before sunset and will re-bloom time the next morning after sunrise. If the rain comes, the leaves re-contract. The tiny little limbs like branches embarrassed daughter. The leaves are broad like a banyan tree growing, but not symmetrical unbalanced alias. The seeds are similar to soybean seeds, only the brown color more dark. The flowers resemble fine hairs tipped yellow, while red flower at the base. The fruit is elongated, black when ripe and usually fall when ripe in a state after the split. Each stalk measuring 70-10 centimeters long. 

Biji Trembesi  Bibit Trembesi

e. Usefulness Trembesi is a type of tree that has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the air is very large. This tree can absorb CO2/pohon 28488.39 kg annually. Based on research Hartwell (1967-1971) in Venezuela, trembesi roots can be used as an additional medication when a warm water bath to prevent cancer. Trembesi leaf extract inhibits the growth of mikrobakterium Tuberculosis (Perry, 1980) which can cause abdominal pain. Trembesi also be used as cold medicine, headaches and bowel disease (Duke and Wain, 1981) 

Kayu Trembesi

  f. Cultivation Trembesi breeding can be done in several ways, namely nursery (the method usually used), cutting branches, twigs, stem by means of transplantation. The process of breeding for large-scale use trembesi seed by: • Germination of seed will grow well around 36-50% without treatment. Seed germination is not diperlakuan will grow in the first year of seed storage (Seed Storage) • Seeding seeds can be done by giving certain treatment on seed trembesi to get better results and faster, by inserting seeds in water for 1-2 minutes with a temperature 800C (1760F) with water voluem 5x more than the volume of seeds, stir seeds and then dried. Soak seeds in warm water with a temperature of 30-400 C (86-1040F) for 24 hours. This method will membnatu 90-100% seed germination. (Craig and George, without year). Seed scarification (seed peeling) will appear 3-5 days after perlekuan to keep it in the shade with a constant water supply to help the growth of seeds. Seeds are ready to be planted after germination. When the seedling length was 20-30 m. Seedlings that have a diameter> 10 mm can be more defensive than rain water. Approximate size when planting seeds which have a high when about 15-30 cm (6-12 inches) with root length about 10 cm (4 inches) and panjnag stems reach 20 cm (8 inches). Stem diameter of seedlings had reached 50-30 mm. Planting can be done in the sand (the nursery) or at planting in polybags of size 10 × 20 cm with a composition of 3:1:1 (soil: sand: compost). Care is needed to keep the seeds to grow seedlings for great especially from pests and wind. This treatment is done through Rain Tree becomes higher and ready to protect.

Coffee Table

Meja kopi Samanea / kayu solid trembesi.
1m x 90 cm x 14cm H = 50cm

Alam berbasis air finishing


Trembesi / Samanea Wood

Trembesi / Mungur / Suar kayu.

Finishing dengan basis pelarut glossy alami.

Trembesi/ Samanea Wood

Favorite Samanea/ Trembesi Wood Finishing with natural doff acrylic base.
1.10-1.50 m x 6.06m x 15m

Trembesi/ Samanea Wood

Favorite Samanea/ Trembesi W Wood finishing with doff acrylic base.

110-150m x 6.06m x 15cm


Log Kotak Trembesi/ Samanea Wood

Natural finished samanea wood or suar wood with dimension 45x45cm x 2.15 m

Trembesi Log2

Suar / trembesi wood with natural finished.

Dimension 45 cm x 45 cm x 270 cm

Trembesi LOG

One of favorite piece log of suar/ trembesi wood with natural finished

Trembesi / Samanea Wood

Trembesi / Samanea wood finished with natural oil base.
 Dimension 1.10m x 4.88m t= 15cm

More detail please contact.

Trembesi / Samanea Wood

Trembesi/ Samanea wood,

Dimension 1.10m x 4.88m T= 15cm

Trembesi / Samanea Wood

Trembesi/ Samanea Wood

Dimesion 1.10m x 4.88m, finished with natural oil base.

More detail please call.

Trembesi set

Set of trembesi for living room indoor use, natural finished.

Solid Trembesi / Solid Samanea

Solid trembesi, suar wood natural finished.
Dimension 0.90m x 3.50m t= 13cm

Solid Trembesi / Solid Samanea

Solid trembesi natural finish product. 

Trembesi solid Wood

Solid trembesi/ samanea wood and natrual finished        

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